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Conveyancing 2015

Kenneth Reid, Professor of Scots Law at the University of Edinburgh and George Gretton, Lord President Reid Professor of Law at the University of Edinburgh

Conveyancing 2015, the seventeenth volume in the series, offers a full and authoritative account of conveyancing law and practice in Scotland during the year 2015.

As usual, the coverage includes:• all reported cases • all statutory developments • much other material of interest to practitioners

The authors analyse court decisions on topics as diverse as positive prescription; interpretation of contracts; options; servitudes; the variation and discharge of real burdens; land registration; encroachment; the enforcement of common charges by factors; irritancy of leases; dilapidations; rent review; tenancy deposit schemes; fraud; and the pre-action requirements for the calling-up of standard securities. Particular attention is given to real burdens in respect of amenity areas, and the documentation needed for retentions at settlement.

There is detailed consideration of the Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Act 2015, and of the increasingly complex pattern of property taxes in Scotland. Other legislation, or potential legislation, covered includes the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill, and the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill.

Written in a clear, direct style, Conveyancing 2015 is an essential guide for practitioners to this fast-moving area of law.


Scots Commercial Law

Editor: I MacNeil, Alexander Stone Professor of Commercial Law, University of Glasgow

Scots Commercial Law is a clear and up-to-date text for students of commercial law and business law in Scotland. The book is a collaborative venture from the Law School at the University of Glasgow, with each chapter being written by an author with particular expertise in that subject matter.

Part I of the book puts the subject in context with chapters on Juristic Persons; General Principles of Property; and General Principles of Contract.
Part II covers the main subject areas covered in commercial law courses

Chapters have been contributed by: Ross Anderson, Frankie McCarthy, Paul McClelland, John MacLeod, Iain MacNeil, Lindy Patterson, Andreas Rahmatian, Dot Reid, Matteo Solinas.

Table of Contents

Part I: Chapter 1: Introduction to Juristic Persons - Ross G Anderson; Chapter 2: General Principles of Contract - Dot Reid; Chapter 3: General Principles of Property - John MacLeod

Part II: Chapter 4: Agency - John MacLeod; Chapter 5: Partnerships, LPs and LLPs - Ross G Anderson; Chapter 6: Sale of Goods - Andreas Rahmatian; Chapter 7: Insurance - Iain MacNeil; Chapter 8: Money and Debt - Ross G Anderson; Chapter 9: Payment Obligations - Matteo Solinas; Chapter 10: Conventional Security: Cautionary Obligations - Paul McClelland; Chapter 11: Non-Judicial Real Security - JohnMacLeod; Chapter 12: Judicial Security: Diligence - Frankie McCarthy; Chapter 13: Insolvency: Bankruptcy - Frankie McCarthy; Chapter 14: Insolvency: Corporate - Ross G Anderson; Chapter 15: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Lindy Patterson


Pronounced for Doom

J P Grant & E E Sutherland

Pb £15.00

Publication Date: December 2013

“to be hanged by the necks, by the hands of the common executioner, upon a gibbet, until they be dead … which is pronounced for doom” (The Trial of William Brodie)

Of the fourteen legal cases discussed in this volume, only that of Deacon Brodie resulted in the death sentence, but these tales from the Scottish courts before 1900 all feature fascinating facts, events or personalities, sometimes all three.

Pronounced for Doom does not simply give a factual account of the cases, but also tells the stories of the characters involved, setting them in the historically important context of their time. It will appeal to all those interested in the diversity of human conduct and how the law attempts to deal with it.


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