Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency (21ed)

Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency (21ed)
Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency (21ed)
Watts, PG
Sweet & Maxwell

Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency is the essential reference source for commercial practitioners. Part of the long-establishedCommon Law Library, this new edition brings together all relevant aspects of law and how they relate to agency agreements, including contract law, administrative law, tort, commercial/company law, the law of property and the conflict of laws.

Frequently cited in courts both in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, the 21st edition of Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency covers the role of both agent and principal and offers explanation, advice and interpretation that will give you a better understanding of the law.

  • Provides full and authoritative interpretation and explanation of the law of agency
  • Goes through the creation of an agency agreement
  • Examines the authority of agents— expressed, implied and presumed
  • Sets out the duties of agents towards their principals, covering both duties of performance and fiduciary duties
  • Covers the rights of agents, including issues of remuneration, indemnity and lien
  • Details the relationships between principals and third parties and agents and third parties
  • Considers the termination of agreements
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