Consumer Law in Scotland (5ed)

Consumer Law in Scotland (5ed)
Consumer Law in Scotland (5ed)
Ervine, WCH
W Green & Son

This is the only book to examine consumer law from a Scottish perspective. 

It provides a practical and comprehensive guide to the law relating to consumer protection in Scotland. 

Consumer Law in Scotland discusses how purchasers of goods and services for private use are protected by means of criminal law, civil law and self-regulation.

Account is taken of the organisations that protect or assist consumers, the impact of the EC, and the way in which consumers of services provided by central and local government are protected.

Also consumer credit is explored, as are the ways in which the law seeks to control rogue traders and the various means by which consumer disputes can be settled. 

This fifth edition is updated to include new developments, including the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 and the upcoming Consumer Rights Act.

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