Gordon: Criminal Law of Scotland (4ed) Volume 2

Gordon: Criminal Law of Scotland (4ed) Volume 2
Gordon: Criminal Law of Scotland (4ed) Volume 2
Chalmers, J
Sweet and Maxwell

The new 4th edition of Volume 2 of Sir Gerald Gordon’s Criminal Law has been completely updated by James Chalmers, Regius Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow, and Fiona Leverick, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Glasgow.

There have been vast changes in the law since the previous edition, including controversial subjects such as the new offences of human trafficking, offensive behaviour at football, and threatening communications. Other key areas of change include the creation of statutory offences of threatening and abusive behaviour and stalking, the replacement of the common law offences of bribery and accepting a bribe with the Bribery Act 2010, and also extensive case law developments in breach of the peace.

Volume 2 covers specific crimes, including:

  • Offences to damages to property
  • Non-sexual offences against the person
  • Injury to animals
  • Sexual offences
  • Offences against the state
  • Offences against public order and welfare
  • Offences against the course of justice
  • Offences of dishonesty

This is an important addition to the Scottish Universities Law Institute series, a definitive collection of texts on modern Scots law.

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