No Ordinary Court: 100 Years of the Scottish Land Court

No Ordinary Court
No Ordinary Court: 100 Years of the Scottish Land Court
Scottish Land Court
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

The Scottish Land Court owes its existence to riot, rebellion and incipient revolution. Its origins lie in nineteenth-century protests by crofters against their landlords.

This book commemorates the centenary of the Court, describing the background to its creation and narrating its history from 1912 to the present day. It provides a fascinating insight into the workings of a very down to earth court as well as the changing social and cultural conditions in Scotland over the last century.

The Court's modern role requires it to deal with the law governing not only crofting and farm tenancies, but also revolutionary changes such as community land buy-outs and the complications of European legislation.

A number of cases and events over the years are remembered with a mixture of affection, amusement and occasionally a degree of disbelief. Various contributors tell of colourful characters, quirks of law and lawyers, wild weather, turbulent seas, disrupted travel and encounters with local hazards, including wildlife.

Illustrated throughout by photographs from the Court’s archives, this is an affectionate tribute to a unique Scottish institution and a celebration of its role in rural Scotland.

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Amazed to see my grandfather, Colin MacDonald on the cover of this book.

He was the Gaelic Speaking Member when Lord Gibson was there. Grandpa is the gentleman in plus fours, rather more suitable clothing than Lord Gibson!