Phipson on Evidence (1st Supplement to 18ed)

Phipson on Evidence (1st Supplement to 18ed)
Phipson on Evidence (1st Supplement to 18ed)
Malek, HM
Sweet & Maxwell

This is the first supplement to the 18th Edition of this text.

The leading work and authority on civil and criminal evidence, Phipson on Evidence is frequently quoted in court. The text examines in detail, all aspects of the complex principles and procedures within the law of evidence.

This first supplement:

  • Summarises significant new cases on evidence of identification, including R. v Lariba (identification by police officers from youtube footage) and R. v Ferdinand and others (identification from walking gait)
  • Covers new case law on the res gestae doctrine, including Barnaby v DPP, where the doctrine is treated as an alternative gateway to s.114(1)(d) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 for the admission of hearsay evidence
  • Discusses when the prosecution might be entitled to rely on an out-of-court statement by one defendant as part of its case against a co-defendant by analysing cases such as R v Amin and Litako v S
  • Considers the limits of estoppel in relation to registered dispositions of land and the recent decision of the Supreme Court in North East Property Buyers Litigation
  • Considers recent decisions on the role of estoppel and the interrelation with the formalities for deeds under the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989: Bank of Scotland Plc v Waugh and Gleeds Retirement Benefits Scheme
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