Rook & Ward on Sexual Offences: Law & Practice (5ed)

Rook and Ward: Sexual Offences
Rook & Ward on Sexual Offences: Law & Practice (5ed)
Rook, P
Sweet & Maxwell

Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences is the leading title on sexual offences and is frequently used as a court reference.

No other text covers the subject so comprehensively, including all the statutory and common law offences, all the procedural and evidential issues, as well as sentencing.

The new 5th edition covers the latest amendments to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, recent cases and new sentencing guidelines, as well as including important additions to the book’s coverage.

  • Covers all the statutory and common law offences
  • Deals with each offence in detail in separate chapters, defining the offence and detailing the mode of trial and punishment, bail conditions, sentencing, etc
  • Gives practical advice on evidence, disclosure and sentencing
  • Uses flowcharts and checklists to guide those defending or prosecuting sex cases
  • Clarifies the difficult area of admissibility of previous sexual history evidence
  • Shows how to present and test DNA evidence in court
  • Features new chapters on Police Obligations and Investigations, on CPS Policy, and on Evidence of Young/ Vulnerable Witnesses
  • Examines important recent case law on the definition of consent
  • Explains recent case law on reporting restrictions and gives guidance on the application of anonymity provisions
  • Explains the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s new definitive guideline on sentencing in sexual cases
  • Covers medical issues, including developments in the psychological impact of sexual assault on victims
  • Deals with the regime for vulnerable witnesses
  • Shows how key definitions in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 have been revisited by important Court of Appeal decisions
  • Explains the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s guideline on sentencing in sexual cases
  • Examines bad character evidence in relation to sexual offences
  • Features new chapters on Medical Evidence on Child Sex Abuse, The Effects of the Psychological Trauma of Sexual Assault upon Victims, Historic Cases, and Trial of Young Defendants Accused of Sexual Offences
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