Summer/Autumn 2018

Well, my prediction of 2 days of summer was way off the mark, we have enjoyed some lovely weather recently, one of the warmest, driest since records began and long may it continue.

A lot has been happening since Spring, the Mundial as come and gone, well done France; Kerber and Djokovic reigned at Wimbledon; Prince Louis has entered the world, and Calling Day has called.

Edinburgh is in the throes of gearing up for all of the annual festivals and hosting tourists from all over the world and with great exchange rates at the moment the UK seems to be the place to go!

It’s been a long lovely summer which I hope goes on and on, it’s just lucky we live in Scotland with plenty of rivers and Lochs to supply us with water as I see some regions as suffering drought conditions. Also lucky for us we have no drought with Law publishing as we have lots and lots of new titles and editions being released in the coming months.

Much like our yearly wee Festival in Edinburgh the big annual favourites are out soon ...

Green’s Parliament House Book offprints are due out late August taken from the respected Parliament House Book.

Sheriff Court and Appeal Court Rules 2018-2019 are designed to provide the Scots lawyer and student with collections of statutes and subordinate legislation in key areas of Scots law. Full notes on amending provisions are included under each section, saving valuable time researching in the law library.

Annotated Rules of the Court of Session 2018-2019 provide all those who work and practice in the Court of Session with a practical source of reference on the interpretation of the rules. The authoritative narrative annotations updated from last edition prove exceedingly useful in day to day use.

Solicitors Professional Handbook 2018-2019 provides a collection of statutes, subordinate legislation and other rules for the Scots lawyer and student in key areas such as Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980, legal profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007, Legal Services (Scotland) act 2010, Law Society Guidance and an updated Constitution of the Law Society of Scotland.

Also annually we have:

Butterworth’s Company Law Handbook 2018 32nd edition is a fully updated edition of the must-have Blue Book. With its combination of statutes, statutory instruments and the latest European legislation, this title is considered the essential reference work for corporate lawyers, accountants, company secretaries, tax advisers, regulators and students. Legislation is printed as currently in force with all amendments, repeals and revocations, providing full assurance that you are advising clients accurately.

Scottish Law Directory Fees Supplement 2018 has just been published. This annual publication consolidates all the revisions to fee rates up to May 2018 and includes: solicitors' fees; solicitors' outlays; expenses of party litigants; stamp duties and tax rates. A must have for every office.

Practical Guide to Partnership in Scotland by S Chan, There are three partnership entities in Scotland: a partnership under the Partnership Act 1890; a limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907; and a limited liability partnership under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000. This book considers each of these different areas of law in one comprehensive yet accessible guide. Written by an experienced legal practitioner, the content provides real answers to common issues and offers practical and commercial insights into Scottish partnership law.

Lord President 1989-1996: Lord Hope's Diaries. The third in the series deals with David Hope’s term of office as Lord President of the Court of Session. Much of his time was taken up with hearing appeals and writing judgments and visiting many prisons in his capacity as Lord Justice General. He had many other duties to perform as head of the Court and within a few months of taking up office he had to find a way of suppressing false but persistent rumours about ‘Gay Judges’. His attempts to respond positively to pressures for reform were not always successful, but he did introduce a scheme for the filming of criminal trials and settled the rules for the introduction of solicitor advocates to the supreme courts. He attended judicial conferences at home and overseas and played a leading role in the state visit to Scotland of the King of Norway.