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Criminal Justice (2ed)


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What is the criminal justice system for? How does it operate? How does it treat victims, suspects, defendants and offenders? Does it work? Is it fair?

Criminal Justice provides a thought-provoking and critical introduction to the challenges faced by the UK's criminal justice system including policing, sentencing and punishment at the beginning of the 21st Century. Expert contributors, including criminologists and lawyers, provide students with a critical introduction to issues, institutions and agencies which shape the operation of the criminal justice system.

A fascinating book which provides students from a range of disciplines including criminology, law, sociology, psychology and social policy with knowledge and understanding of the key areas of the subject and an appreciation of contemporary debates, policies and perspectives.

Each chapter features questions, summaries, tables, diagrams, annotated further reading and weblinks, to ensure the book is as accessible and engaging as possible, and provides clear guidance on further study. An illuminating glossary of key terms is also included.

  • The collection takes a socio-legal approach to criminal justice with chapters written by criminologists, socio-legal scholars and lawyers
  • Each chapter includes review and discussion questions to pinpoint the key issues and help you engage with the subject
  • Suggestions for further reading encourage you to take your learning further
  • Provides both a thorough overview of the procedures central to the workings of the criminal justice system and a distillation of the topical debates that surround it, giving you all the information you need to appreciate how and why the system has developed in the way that it has, and to challenge and evaluate it
  • Accompanied by an extensive Online Resource Centre, which provides a variety of resources to support lecturers using the textbook in their teaching, and valuable additional materials for students

New to this edition

  • All chapters have been completely revised and updated
  • A new chapter has been included on the policy landscape of criminal justice
  • Additional material incorporated into two chapters on the police and policing
  • New chapter included on the criminal courts
  • Additional chapters on innovative aspects of criminal justice: science and psychology in criminal justice

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 9780421738409
Author(s) Uglow, S and Cheney, D
Edition 2
Format Pb
Publication Date 28/11/2002