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Jervis on Coroners 14th ed


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Jervis on Coroners is the authority on coroners’ law and practice. It is the most comprehensive guide on this legal system, taking you step-by-step through the procedure and practice before, during and after a coroner’s investigation or inquest.

Every aspect is covered, from the basic principles to more complex issues of homicide, disasters, prescribed diseases and notifiable accidents. The commentary is updated by Paul Matthews and an expert team of coroners and barristers and is complemented with appendices of useful legislation, materials and forms.

With a logical structure and all-angles approach, Jervis on Coroners is essential reading for anyone involved in this legal system including coroners, solicitors and barristers, local government officials and medical examiners.

  • The leading authority on coronial law and its practice in relation to coroner inquests and investigations.
  • Brings together all the relevant materials and legislation, procedure, rules and practice in a single volume, offering complete guidance on this important part of the legal system.
  • Provides detailed commentary on investigations addressing issues of information and publicity, beginning an investigation, their scope and the four statutory questions: who, when, where and how?
  • Examines coroners’ powers before an inquest with coverage of inquest procedure, the preliminaries and determination and findings.
  • Looks at special cases such as homicide, notifiable accidents, prescribed diseases, treasure, and major disasters.
  • Deals with post-inquest matters including general duties, fees, appeals and further proceedings.
  • Covers the basic principles of the office of coroner and their territorial jurisdiction.
  • Additional analysis of the international dimension of coroners and human rights.
  • Accompanied with useful appendices of legislation, forms, and precedents.
Part I: The Office of Coroner
1. General Introduction
2. The Office of Coroner
3. Medical Examiners
4. The Territorial Jurisdiction of Corners
Part II: The Investigation
5. Beginning the Investigation
6. The Scope of the Investigation
7. Information and Publicity
8. Coroner’s Powers Before Inquest
9. Disposal of Human Remains
Part III: The Inquest
10. The Inquest: Preliminaries
11. Procedure at the Inquest: Part I
12. Procedure at the Inquest: Part II
13. Determination and Record of Inquest
Part IV: Special Cases
14. Homicide
15. Notifiable Accidents and Prescribed Diseases
16. Treasure
17. Major Disasters
Part V: After the Inquest
18. Matters After the Inquiry
19. Appeals
20. Further Proceedings
Part VI: The International Dimension
21. Coroners and Human Rights
22. Comparative Death Inquiry Law
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 9780414072701
Author(s) Matthews, P
Edition 14
Format Hb
Publication Date 30/12/2019