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Legal Ethics


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Who would or should defend a potential murderer in court?
Can a lawyer represent two parties on the same case?
Is 'no win-no fee' an ethical system?
What are Chinese walls and do they work?

Jonathan Herring provides a clear and engaging overview of legal ethics, highlighting that the issues surrounding professional conduct are not always black and white and raising interesting questions about how lawyers act and what their role entails. Key topics, such as confidentiality, negligence, and fees are covered, with references throughout to the professional codes of conduct.

Features throughout the textbook to aid student learning include the highlighting of key cases, principles, and definitions; the inclusion of a variety of viewpoints through cases, popular media, and scholarly articles; and the inclusion of 'digging deeper' and 'alternative viewpoint' boxes which encourage critical reflection and better understanding of key topics.

  • The first student textbook on the subject, Legal Ethics is suitable for undergraduate modules in this area.
  • Leading textbook writer Jonathan Herring provides an engaging and thought-provoking overview of this increasingly important subject, ensuring that students understand the key points and appreciate the debates around each topic.
  • A range of viewpoints, case studies and examples enrich each chapter, bringing the subject to life and providing a rounded overview of each topic.
  • 'Digging deeper' boxes provide an insight into the more theoretical issues, allowing students to enhance their understanding and consider some of the key philosophical and jurisprudential questions.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198703457
Author(s) Herring, J
Edition 1
Format Pb
Publication Date 30/05/2014