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English Legal System (20ed)


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Elliott & Quinn's English Legal System is the ideal companion for anyone studying law at university. Relied upon by generations of students and renowned for its wide-ranging coverage and engaging writing style, this text also includes a variety of features to support your study making it your definitive guide to all aspects of the English legal system.

Updated annually with all major case law and legislative developments, this twentieth edition includes coverage of:

  • High profile campaigns, such as the #Metoo movement and upskirting, on law reform;
  • The factors causing a recruitment crisis in the judiciary;
  • The government's response to the Lammy review;
  • The impact of legal aid and funding cuts on the Criminal Bar and Criminal Defence Solicitors firms;

Key cases including Sir Cliff Richard v BBC in relation to human rights, Lee v Ashers Baking Company on discrimination and the Pimlico Plumbers case in relation to the gig economy.

Table of cases
Table of statutes
Table of statutory materials
Cases, law reports and case references: a guide
Part 1 - Sources of law: 1. Case law 2. Statute law 3. Statutory interpretation 4. Delegated legislation 5. European law 6. Custom 7. Equity 8. Treaties 9. Law reform
Part 2 - People working in the legal system: 10. The judges 11. The legal professions 12. The jury 13. Magistrates 14. Administration of justice 15. Paying for legal services
Part 3 - Human rights: 16. Introduction to human rights 17. Remedies for infringement of human rights
Part 4 - Criminal justice system: 18. The police 19. The criminal trial process 20. Sentencing 21. Young offenders 22. Criminal appeals
Part 5 - Civil justice system: 23. The civil trial process 24. Tribunals 25. Alternative methods of dispute resolution 26 Civil appeals and judicial review
Part 6 - Concepts of law: 27. Law and rules 28. Law and morals 29. Law and justice
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Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781292251059
Author(s) Elliott, C and Quinn, F
Edition 20
Format Pb
Publication Date 30/06/2019