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Brookes Notary (15ed)


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Brooke’s Notary is the standard work on notarial practice. It is a vital reference work, containing important information on notarial practice and procedure in England and Wales as well as many foreign jurisdictions.

  • Covers practice and procedure relevant to notaries in the United Kingdom and other common law jurisdictions
  • Examines the functions and powers of notaries
  • Covers the procedure for admission as a notary, the different classes of notary, and the training and appointment of notaries
  • Looks at the Notaries Practice Rules 2019 and other regulations governing the notarial profession
  • Discusses the formalities of a notarial act, explaining the essential elements
  • Considers the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 to which notaries are subject
  • Looks at the Court of Faculties, including the origins and exercise of its jurisdiction and its disciplinary powers
  • Provides coverage of powers of attorney, affidavits, declarations and ship protests, bond and debenture operations and share issue ballots
  • Outlines some of the leading features of the law relating to bills of exchange and other negotiable documents
  • Includes discussion of common issues as the role of the notary in electronic transactions and the impartiality of the notary in ensuring certainty in contractual relationships and other dealings
  • Includes English language precedents on bills of exchange, ship protests, notarial certificates and affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Provides French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German language precedents of notarial acts
  • Covers the Rules made by the Master of the Faculties, including Practice and Discipline Rules
  • Discusses execution of documents by companies (domestic and overseas) and other bodies, including partnerships, charities, corporations sole, and UK Societates.
  • Covers regulatory developments post the Legal Services Act 2007


  • Covers Faculty Office rules made since last edition: including Conduct & Discipline Rules 2015 (as amended), Qualification Rules 2017, Practice Rules 2019
  • The anti-money laundering section has been updated and expanded in the light of the 2017 Money
  • Laundering Regulations and recent guidance for the legal sector
  • Impact of Brexit, particularly on cross-border enforcement of authentic instruments
  • Electronic execution of documents and remote online notarisation are new topics particularly relevant to notaries during the current pandemic
  • Commonwealth legislation has been updated
  • Coverage of developments in the United States, with particular regard to remote online notarisation under individual state legislation;
  • Legalisation requirements have been updated including recent accessions to the apostille Convention
  • Expanded and updated sections on Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  • Updated section on public-form instrument requirements in France, Germany, Italy and Spain
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 9780414089044
Author(s) Ready, NP
Edition 15
Format Hb
Publication Date 30/07/2021