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Complete Land Law (6ed)


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Complete Land Law is supported by clear author commentary, choice extracts, and useful learning features. The explanations and examples in this textbook have been crafted to help students hone their understanding of land law.

The Complete titles are ambitious in their scope; they've been carefully developed with teachers to offer law students more than just a presentation of the key concepts. Instead they offer a complete package. Only by building on the foundations of the subject, by showing how the law works, demonstrating its application through extracts from cases and judgments, and by giving students the tools and the confidence to think critically about the law will they gain a complete understanding.

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This book is accompanied online resources including:

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Part 1 Introduction: Estates and Interests in Land
1: Introduction to the types of property rights in land
2: Tenures and estates
3: Creation of legal and equitable rights in land
Part 2 Unregistered Land
4: Protection of legal and equitable property rights in unregistered land
Part 3 Registered Land
5: Registration of title - the basic principles
6: Minor interests and overriding interests
Part 4 Acquisition of Interests in Land (I)
7: Trusts of land
8: Co-ownership of land - the basic principles
9: Co-ownership - the resolution of disputes
Part 5 Acquisition of Interests in Land (II)
10: Licences and proprietary estoppel
Part 6 Leases
11: Leases - the basic requirements
12: Obligations in leases
13: The running of covenants in a lease
14: Termination of leases
Part 7 Informal Acquisition of Legal Estates
15: Adverse possession of legal estates
Part 8 Protection for the Purchaser of Registered Land
16: Rectification of the register of title
Part 9 Easements
17: The essential characteristics of easements
18: Creation of express and implied grants of easements
19: Prescription for easements (and profits)
Part 10 Freehold Covenants: Restrictive and Positive Covenants
20: Freehold covenants
21: Escaping from restrictive covenants
Part 11 Mortgages
22: The creation of mortgages
23: The remedies of mortgages
24: The operation of mortgages
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198824909
Author(s) Bogusz, B and Sexton, R
Edition 6
Format Pb
Publication Date 30/08/2019