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Incorporating and Disincorporating a Business (2ed)


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Incorporating and Disincorporating a Business provides clear, detailed and practical guidance on the tax issues, planning points and pitfalls which may be encountered when incorporating a sole trade or partnership business, or when transferring a company's business to a sole trader or partnership.

This book guides readers through the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation and disincorporation, and also addresses related company law, commercial and other practical issues.

The book is intended as a single point of reference for tax practitioners and business proprietors who need a practical guide to tackling the complexities of incorporating and disincorporating a business. It includes checklists and worked examples throughout, as well as 'Signposts' at the start of each chapter and 'Focus' points to highlight important considerations. Standard claims, elections and proformas are also included.

This title includes full coverage of disincorporation issues following the introduction of Disincorporation relief in Finance Act 2013. Detailed coverage of all taxation issues that may apply to small businesses, including NIC, CGT, IHT, VAT and capital allowances as well as coverage of legal, accounting and compliance issues to be aware of are also included.

Written by practitioners who advise clients on incorporation and post-incorporation issues, this book aims to answer commonly-asked questions and includes new chapters on hot topics such as incorporation of an LLP's business and incorporation of property portfolios.

Practical approach, highlighting specific planning issues, pitfalls for the unwary, worked examples, case studies and standard claims, elections and pro-formas.

Table Of Contents


Section A: Deciding whether to incorporate (These chapters may be merged into one chapter for this 2nd edition)

Chapter 1: Business structures
Chapter 2: Why incorporate?
Chapter 3: Advantages and disadvantages of a company

Section B: Tax consequences of incorporation

Chapter 4: Income tax and cessations
Chapter 5: National Insurance contributions
Chapter 6: Capital allowances
Chapter 7: Capital gains tax
Chapter 8: Stamp duties
Chapter 9: Inheritance tax
Chapter 10: Value added tax

Section C: Other issues

Chapter 11: Goodwill
Chapter 12: Legal issues
Chapter 13: Other considerations
Chapter 14: Assets held outside the company
Chapter 15: Surplus company profits – other extraction methods
Chapter 16: Close companies
Chapter 17: Anti-avoidance
Chapter 18: Employment status
Chapter 19: Investment businesses

There will be additional chapters on the following (exact placement TBC):
- accounting issues
- incorporation of LLPs
- incorporation of a property portfolio


Chapter 20: Why disincorporate?
Chapter 21: Tax issues for the company
Chapter 22: Tax issues for shareholders
Chapter 23: Disincorporation relief
Chapter 24: Winding up the company

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
ISBN: 9781780439044
Author(s) McLaughlin, M and Anderson, J
Edition 2
Format Pb
Publication Date 28/02/2016